Latest news and information: our firm maintains an active and on-going relationship with our clients.

Founded by Salvatore Florio and Fabrizio Daverio, Studio Legale Daverio & Florio is an established and widely appreciated authority in the field of Employment Law.

Daverio & Florio operates throughout Italy and before all Italian courts, thanks to the commitment of all our Lawyers and our 3 offices in Milan, Roma and Turin. Internationally, Daverio & Florio is a co-founder and promoter of “ Innangard”, an international network of high-ranking legal professionals worldwide specialized in employment law matters.

Since its establishment in 2001, Daverio & Florio has placed great emphasis on in-depth study and constantly keeping abreast of the latest developments in our specialist field, setting up a Research Department within the firm and promoting numerous training and publishing activities, including our editorial collaboration with the daily financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” and with the Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers Association of Milan.

“A solid legal background, continuous training and thorough, in-depth knowledge of the cases and litigation entrusted to us are the groundwork which ensures our clients receive an unparalleled service.”